8 Tips How To Choose Best Perfumes For Women

Choosing the best and right perfume for women can be hard and challenging. Leave alone the shopping when we cannot make any choice. This happens for both men and women. However, the following tips may help you a little in making choices.

#1. Get to the Final Note

Perfume comes like a song. We basically have several basic elements to get the smell. Identify it since the first note to the final, like listening to a song until the end to judge.

#2. Find Favourite Scent Family

Each person may have different favour to scent family. There are floral, citrus, woody, and citrus. If it is for a gift, make sure that you choose based on her preference so it will suit the favour.

#3. Choose Some from Each Family

If you want to have or buy something different, you should select several alternatives from each scent family of the perfume. It gives you more options to choose instead of very few of it.

#4. Paper First before Skin

When you are attracted to a perfume, make sure that you test it on paper first. Leave it for about five minutes before you smell it. You can continue testing on your skin then.

#5. Consider Skin Type

This is also essential. Make sure that you know your or her skin type. Dry and sensitive skin may need different formula. In addition to it, it also defines how long the perfume will linger.

#6. Right Timing

Do you know when to shop perfume? The perfect time will be during the day, and preferably during warm day. At this time, we smell better and keener. It is the right time to choose a perfume.

#7. Only A Few at A Time

Trying too many perfumes at the same time is not wise. It distract your keen smelling skill. Stick to a few at once so you can really judge if it is the preferred smell.

#8. Know Your or Her Brand

It is so much easier if we know your or her favourite brand. People tend to stick on one brand and series when they like it. Choosing from the same lines is a perfect strategy.

Now, you can set time to browse and take time to choose. If you can make the right choice, you will not regret the money you spend. So, are you ready to start choosing and buying the new perfume?

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