9 Bandana Styles For Women

Bandana is one of everlasting items on fashion. It suits well on all trends, and everyone likes to wear it from time to time. We can use it like usual, but we can also wear it in new ways. Here are several interesting styles for bandana.bandana styles for natural hair 9 Bandana Styles For Women

#1. Stylish Headband

Common fold can be used on several different ways. You can tie it like usual or you can try something different like in retro style. Use hair pin to stick it well.

#2. Head Scarf

Using bandana as head scarf is chic yet fun. You let loose your front and sides hair but you keep it tidy as well. Casual occasion is more likely for this style.

#3. Skull Cap

When it is time for picnic, bazaar, or cleaning the house time, this style helps a lot in keeping your hair tidy with less exposure to dust and heat. You will look boyish this time but pretty.

#4. Pony Tail Tie

When you have your hair in pony tail style, you can cover the tie or ribbon with bandana. Fold it first and belt it around the tail. It is different but very chic to wear.

#5. Braid Details

You only need to fold the bandana and tie it on a strand on your hair. Braid it along with your hair, and you will have different looking braid. Let it loose a little for natural finish.

#6. Tie for Bun

Do your hair on messy bun. On the base, tie the folded bandana, and leave the knot or bow at the back. Sweet colour will make it even sweeter and nicer.

#7. Neck Scarf

This style makes completion to your outfit. You only need to fold your bandana into triangle and tie it around your neck. Pick matching colour for pleasant look.

#8. Purse Accessories

You do not have to wear bandana on your head. You can make a knot or bow on one of your purse handles. Distinct colours are best to give your personal style signature.

#9. The Hippies Band

This is almost the same as other headband style. You need it folded, but you only need to tie it from your forehead to the back. Tie it on the back side.

Now, you only need to figure out your outfit and wear the bandana as it pleases you and matches the outfit. Be creative and make it personal with your personal preference.

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