10 Common Fashion Mistakes Women Should Avoid

Fashion is a dangerous field. We often underestimate it and there are mistakes we often make without realizing it. What are they? The following are the common mistakes we make and we, women, must avoid.hairstyles for dress Common Fashion Mistakes 10 Common Fashion Mistakes Women Should Avoid

#1. Wrong Colours

We may like certain colours. However, those colours may not compliment our skin tone or hair colour. Wear colour that suit you best, and give you bright radiant look.

#2. Wrong Size

To solve it, we begin by being honest to our size. Choose an item with fitting size to your body. Do not take less or more. It gives perfect fitting.

#3. Blind Picking

What we see on runway is often too nice. Do not randomly and blindly pick the designs you like. Consider if it fits your body shape well. If not, don’t take it.

#4. Appropriate Undies

People tend to neglect what they wear under. Make sure that your underwear is on the right colour, cannot be seen from outside, and tidy. No bra strap should be seen.worst fashion mistakes celebrities 10 Common Fashion Mistakes Women Should Avoid

#5. Too Many Colours

This may sound daring and fun. In fact, this is confusing. No one is pleased with such look. Pick three colours combination at most. This makes it easier to match your skin and hair too.

#6. Overdo

This is something we often do not realize. Wear enough accessories but don’t be too much. Take proportion into your consideration. Exclude some of details if you need it to make it nice.

#7. Unmatched Footwear

Your shoes, sandals, or even flip flops need to be well matched from design to colours. Do not wear just anything you can find. Plan the whole head to toe outfit.  

#8. Forget the Season

Some people are obsessed on certain look so they forget the season and end up wearing the wrong clothes. Nothing is stylish from that. Consider the season and change your choice appropriately.

#9. Old Hairstyleold school hairstyle for women 10 Common Fashion Mistakes Women Should Avoid

It is true that we look great on certain hairstyle. However, updating your hairstyle without leaving complimenting details on it is wise as well. It keeps you fresh and sophisticated.

#10. Too Much Exposure

To look sexy is nice and pleasing. However, you need to keep it nice as well. Too much exposure only gives you bad impression. Say no more to too short skirt or too low neckline.

We do not have to be totally fashionable. However, those mistakes should be avoided so we are on the safe zone. Examine yourself and try to remember them as guide for your next outfit planning.

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